Monday, March 16, 2009

Eugene and UO

At last - today, I got to drive into Eugene and see a good portion of the University of Oregon. 
I had a wonderful time - I got to meet graduate students Julian Buck and Andrew Detzel, and Prof. Daniel Dugger. I also got to speak to people in Oregon Hall (Admissions and Financial Aid). 

I determined that I'm definitely going to apply to transfer to the University of Oregon - all the people I spoke to in the math department highly recommended that I do so in order to better prepare me for graduate school, and I think that UO has the best campus I've seen anywhere. 
After the few hours on campus, I went over to Track Town Pizza, about two blocks from campus. The pizza was arguably the best I've ever had, and the place was decorated with montages of the Ducks track team, present and past. 
I type this as I'm back at the house in Florence, relaxing with my uncle and aunt, and some more family that here for a day or so. 
Tomorrow, Julian plans to show me around UO, to make sure that I know what's what on campus, and not quite sure from there. I'll keep you posted.

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