Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today was a sort of lazy day. After all, I did spend nearly all of yesterday just flying from Des Moines to here. My uncle and I finally got out of the house mid-afternoon, and we drove down to Yachats, which is a coastal town north of Florence. We had the most spectacular drive from Florence to Yachats. When we got to Yachats, we drove up to the top of a mountainside that overlooks the town. Also, he showed me a bunch of the town's houses that he helped construct. On the way back home, we switched drivers so that I could drive along the mountains. I had so much fun driving a stickshift for the first time since last summer! It rained today, unlike yesterday. Sometimes, the rain was so hard that, along with the fog, it was a tad hard to see the road back to Florence. I had a bit of trouble trying to correctly drive into first gear, so my uncle showed me how to correctly. 
Tomorrow, we're going to meet with some more family that lives in Florence, which should be nice. 

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