Thursday, March 19, 2009

Following in Pre's Footsteps

Originally, the plan for my last full day on spring break in Oregon was to merely chill out and relax at my uncle's house here in Florence. After I was asked over for lunch at South Eugene High School by a friend of mine, I ended up driving to Eugene one more time. Even though my friend never showed up, Rachel did. I was sitting in SEHS's main office, and she called me and found me, counting the ticking minutes on the office clock. We walked the perimeter of the school, talked and had a good, yet short time. 

When she had to go to class, I let her go, and I walked over to the UO campus. I went to Espresso Roma cafe a second time (in the week) and had a wonderful black and white mocha. 
With directions in stow, I found the nearby Nike Store of Eugene and looked about there. Then, I parked by Autzen Stadium and tried to find Pre's Trail. Thanks to Rachel's navigation skills, I found a spot to park by the Trail behind Autzen. I covered about half of the trail's length and decided to look about the UO Athletic Offices building, next to Autzen. 
I drove over to Track Town Pizza and had the highly-recommended BBQ chicken pizza offered there. I ate about two-thirds of the pizza while talking to my uncle on the phone. 
With the other third of the pizza in a to-go box, I finally drove back to Florence for the night. 
I'm surely going to miss this place, this wonderful mountain country that is Oregon. I'm applying to transfer to the University of Oregon. I hope to get accepted and be able to live in arguably the best place I've ever been to. I'm leaving tomorrow with heart that is downtrodden but uplifted at the same time. Yet, whether I am accepted to the University of Oregon or not, I can still say that I had an amazing spring break there. 

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