Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Trip to UO Another Day

Yet another trip to the University of Oregon made up most of my exciting day. 
Julian and I got lunch at a pub named Taylor's, which served rather good food. We talked about the graduate school for math at UO, among other subjects. We then walked around campus, Julian telling me what's what. We walked the 15-minute walk to Autzen Stadium, which is quite impressive in size. On the way back, I got to glimpse at the running trails and the Willamette River. 

After thanking Julian for lunch and the tour, he went back to Fenton Hall, where his office is. I proceeded to do a bit of shopping and exchange-making at the Duck Store, across from Taylor's. Afterward, I took pictures of several buildings across campus. My last stop on campus was at Hayward Field, where I got to talk to Coach Powell and I finally got to meet Andy Wheating in person. I told Andy that I would be doing some sprints on Hayward tomorrow, with at least my friend from the team, Chad, watching. Coach was interested in my track story and about my wanting to transfer and to be a Duck. 
I walked back to the Acura after my short time at Hayward. I decided to drive the long route back to Florence, which was a nice way to finish the day. 
Tomorrow, I'm meeting Andrew Detzel for coffee, running Pre's Trail, sprinting at Hayward, hanging with Chad (and most likely Andy), and not sure from there, as my days on this break seem to be planned out. Until then, stay posted. 

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